Friday, April 13, 2018

News and Events from McDougall Chapel Youth

  1. May 19-21 – YC

YC simply stands for Youth Conference. It consists of 8,000 young people collectively attending concerts, listening to speakers and bonding with others as we all continue to journey further in our continued intimacy with God. Meant for grades 7-12. Check out our website for our details at Further YC links are available there as well.

  1. April 16/17 evenings – Bottle Drive (YC Fundraiser)

If you would like us to specifically stop by your house then please send me a text with your address. Otherwise, we will scour our neighbourhoods!

  1. May 4 - Live Bake Auction and Silent Auction (YC Fundraiser)

Famous bake auction with outstanding desserts. Come and way overspend on a pie or a plate of cookies. We’d love to have a great crowd out. It’s a lot of fun, some great food and all money goes to help the youth group to attend YC over May long weekend.

  1. Drop-In

We continue to work hard towards this end. Our plan is still to kick off in Fall! We pray that God would continue to open up some really great opportunities to help the youth in this town have a safe place to encounter Jesus! If you’d ever like to meet up and talk about this then please know that I am available. We will continue to divulge information as we get it.

That’s us. For any further information you can check out our website at and if that doesn’t answer it then give me a call!


Russ Klassen
Associate Pastor
McDougal Chapel