Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Events This Summer

Family Events

June 22 - 23 Family Fun Zone at the Sundre Rodeo - Sponsored by McDougal Chapel


July 16-20 McDougal Chapel- Go to for details

July 16-20 Main Avenue Fellowship - Go to for more details

July 23 - 26 Bergen Missionary Church - Go to
 for details

For further information, contact either the church or email

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Work & Witness Project for 2017

Work & Witness Project for 2017 The Canada District Advisory Board In concert with the District NMI are sponsoring this year’s District W & W project in Sundre, Alberta scheduled for July 13 to July 23 The Main Avenue Church of the Nazarene in Sundre has been an important part of this small central Alberta community for over 70 years and is located right on the major East/West road going through town. The last major addition to the church was built over 35 years ago – and a number of interior renovations and upgrades have taken place since that time. This is the focus of our next District Work and Witness project. There are three elements to all of these projects: Outreach: Rev. Sherri-Lynn Martin along with local Sundre support from Natalie MacDonald and Dorothy Reeder is working on a summer Vacation Bible School style of outreach to the community children and youth. Ministry: Revs. Jonny and Jenn Blake will head up a Ministry focus for the week which will include community Prayer walks, training events on Friendship Evangelism, engagement with the Seniors’ homes in the area among other things. Construction: Mr. Robert Laybourne (P.Eng) is helping to head up the construction work to be done on the church. There are several projects to tackle: installation of a wheel chair ramp on the outside of the building to provide easy access to the main level of the building; outside siding work; interior work: painting, flooring. There are lots of projects for all level of experienced workers. Cook/Kitchen: We will need food preparation, as well as someone to head up the kitchen team. We would certainly welcome your involvement in our upcoming District W & W endeavor in Sundre. We are targeting 10 days of work – come for all – or just a few days if that is all you can do. We will using the Harmattan Camp grounds (Family Camp side) for accommodations and meal preparation. Our goal is to make a big difference to the Church and local community. We will need lots of volunteers to meet our objective of ministry, outreach and construction. If you are interested in being part of a Ministry / Outreach / Construction /or Cook team contact Marie Southward at EVERYONE has been blessed with a SKILL, which could be used to bless others! Please PRAY, SUPPORT, and PARTICIPATE where you can.